Collectible Paper Money

Nothing compares to the variety and beauty that collecting paper money offers. Whether your interests are U.S. or World paper money, you will find many items to add to your collection in our extensive inventory.

The historical significance of the various paper money issues of our country make collecting U.S. issues a true adventure! Virtually every significant era in our history affected new issues of paper money. From Colonial times to the Civil War era to both World Wars, and beyond…historically significant changes in circulating currency were deemed necessary.

U.S. large size:

So many beautiful designs! (1861-1923)

U.S. National Bank notes:

“Hometown currency” (large and small size)

U.S. small size

Wallets got smaller too! (1928 to present)

U.S. large denominations

$500, $1000, etc. notes

Continental and Colonial currency

Some were printed by Benjamin Franklin!

Fractional currency

Made necessary by Civil War era coin shortages and hoarding

Obsolete & Broken Bank notes

Decades of problems, failures and finally (but slowly) replaced by circulating currency issues from the U.S. Government

Confederate States & Southern States:

Incredible variety from one of the most significant and tragic eras in our history

WWII paper money items:

Hawaii overprints and special issues for North Africa

Error Notes

“So much for quality control…how did they get by the inspectors?”

World paper money:

• Just a mind-boggling number of beautiful and colorful notes to choose from.
• So many countries represented…many have ceased to exist!
• So many historical eras represented…like taking a trip in a Time Machine!
• Prices to fit any collecting budget.


Stock certificates, Bonds, Old Bank checks, various scrip, etc.